N-Strike Elite Sereis

The N-Strike Elite Series

The Elite Series is the newest and most popular line of nerf guns.Its colour sceme is blue and white with an orange trigger and barrel, with the exeption of the XD versions of certain guns.

Here is a video/review from my favourite nerf youtuber on the Rapidstrike:

Other N-Strike Elite guns include the Rampage, the Rayven and the Strongarm pistol.Here is the official Nerf website.

The Rayven is a bullpup gun.That means that it has the trigger in front
of the ammo.I think this is pretty cool.It is one of my favourite guns
and Ithink they should make more bullpup guns like this.

There are some crazy guns in the Elite line.One of them is the
Rhinofire.This gun is a flywheel BEAST with TWO barrels (places where the dart goes through), a tripod AND it comes with TWO 25-round

Tacti-coolness over 9000!!!!!!!

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