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New Guns Coming Out

New Guns

Some new guns are being made and will probably be released for 
Christmas or New Year 2016.Here are some of those:

Mega Lightning Bow
This will be another addition to the highly acclaimed Mega 
Series.The only problem with it is unlike the Thunderbow, it does
not have dart storage.

Modulus Recon mk 2
This is a really cool blaster that I am definitely looking forward to.
By the looks of it, Nerf are making even more Modulus-style

Elite Duel-Strike
Unlike any other, this pistol will shoot Elite AND Mega darts!
Finally! I've benn waiting for a gun like this! 

Zombie-Strike Crosscut
This gun is a simple pistol, but with a twist.The trigger on the bottom 
makes the blade spin, making it a close-range weapon as well! 

Modulus Ionfire
This will be the third installment of the Modulus line.Like the Recon mk
2, the Ionfire comes with an ammo holder and a barrel extention.
Oh ya!!!

N-Strike Bowstrike
And last but not least, the Bowstrike is just another one-shot pistol,
only with bow arms and an iron-sight.Take off the useless bow arms
and you have a pretty good backup gun!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Welcome to my blog abput Nerf Guns.I hope you enjoy the information that I post!

Nerf guns are guns that shoot harmless foam darts.They are great fun to use.Some nerf guns control manually(springlock) , while others use batteries to oparate (flywheel).

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